5 Reasons why Skin Clinics will love MYCURE Beauty - the Clinic Management System built for Skin and Aesthetic Clinics

Skin Clinic Procedures | Photos by Anna Shvets

To all the dermatologists that pamper their patients:
P.S. Your Skin Clinic deserves the same pampering you give to your lovely patients.

Do you love what you’re doing, but you’re getting too stressed with your line of work at times? That’s a common occurrence, specifically if you’re always giving it your 100%. However, that situation shouldn’t always be your “normal”. You and your Skin Clinic deserve the same pampering and care you give to your lovely patients.

What type of pampering do you need? Weekend getaways with your medical team? Spa sessions? You and your team/staff deserve those too. However, we’re talking about a different type of ‘pampering’. Remember the last time you bought a device or subscribed to an app you love to use? Yup, that’s what we’re talking about.

Did you know that you can ease your work-related stress by investing in an app engineered for Skin Clinics? Have you heard of a Clinic Management System? Investing in one is a form of self-care and love.

What’s a Clinic Management System? Why do you need to have one?
A Clinic Management System is a tool that you can use to effectively and efficiently manage your clinic. Why do you need one? It makes things easier, faster, and simpler.

As a doctor, running a clinic can mean: double the stress. You’re not only treating and giving your patients the best experience; you also have to be an entrepreneur on the side. That can be truly hectic as you try to juggle every task to ensure the smooth daily operations of your clinic.

These are the 5 captivating reasons why you should immediately get this Clinic Management System for your Skin Clinic:

  1. Sit back and relax. Let your patients book their appointments online and easily queue once they arrive at your clinic.

    We understand that you love to give the best experience to your patients. Booking their appointments with just paper and pen had been the norm, back in the days when technology isn’t the norm. Start living in the present, drop that pen and notebook or records book.

    This Clinic Management System with booking, scheduling, and queueing features can easily help you relax and enjoy what you do best. Let the system help you in arranging your appointments, and managing the true number of patients you can only accommodate for your daily operations.

    Once they arrive at your clinic, the system will also help you sort out the queue. Managing the queue at your lobby or receiving area will be a breeze for you and your staff.

    Bonus: Sometimes a CMS (Clinic Management System) can provide an additional feature for your clinic to have its own registration kiosk and even a queue board. Would you love to have this feature? Check out this CMS fit for your Skin Clinic.
  2. No more no-shows. Protect your clinic’s peace and your peace of mind with online bookings.
    Have you tried out offering appointment bookings through your official social media pages? How was it? Most doctors that have tried going that route had a fair share of bad experiences, such as the classic case of no-shows.

    No-shows can hurt your clinic for a scheduled time that was supposedly reserved for a client has been wasted. How can you protect your clinic’s daily operations from no-shows that disrupt your work schedule?

    A CMS (Clinic Management System), which utilizes online bookings can help you reduce the number of no-show patients. How? Some systems utilize a ‘paywall’. This specific step makes sure that your patient or client will show up on the schedule they’ve chosen. If they don’t show up, some clinics will refund a certain percentage of their consultation fee. However, some make it non-refundable.

    Did the last statement sound harsh that it might scare clients away? Don’t worry, MYCURE Beauty and MYCURE's Patient App, makes sure that your patients can reschedule their consultation on another date and time they prefer. This step enables both parties to be informed of the new schedule.
  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which doctor pampered this client after all? Easily manage doctor’s commissions.
    Who did which procedure on a client? With all the “he said” or “she said” buzz in your clinic, it can get confusing to keep tabs on your doctor’s commission fees. This usually happens in Skin Clinics which has multiple doctors or a clinic led by a group practice. It can get hectic during some days or a specific season, and keeping notes of doctor’s commission in a really busy clinic can be confusing for the front desk or cashier.

    You can make things easier with MYCURE Beauty, the Clinic Management System with a dedicated Billing Management System which has a specific feature for doctor’s commissions. With this specific feature, you won’t have a hard time keeping track of your doctors’ commission fees. It will be a breeze for you, your cashier/front desk, and your doctors.
  4. Never run out of your best-selling products and your beloved clinic supplies. Immediately get notified if it’s time to stock up!
    Inventory loss is a huge problem for most Skin Clinics with their own line of skincare products. Due to the nature of Skin Clinics, inventory management can be tedious for dermatologists and their staff.  

    MYCURE Beauty the Clinic Management System for Skin and Aesthetic Clinics comes with a comprehensive inventory management system. It’s not just simple tracking of the number of units you have on your shelves, it’s more than that. You can get notified when a product is expiring or running low on stocks. As a decision-maker for a clinic, this feature makes it easier to track stock reorder points.
  5. Manage your billings like a boss. Generate reports without breaking a sweat.
    Let’s face it, to keep your clinic operational you have to keep making strategic decisions. It’s easy to make decisions when you can base them on real data. Getting data through manual record keeping, and tabulating the said data on a spreadsheet or just on a notebook – it’s laborious and it can be easily done. How?

    A Clinic Management System with a reports generation feature can lift off the heavy work from you and your staff. Using an advanced CMS can help you manage your clinic as easy as ABC. Take a look at MYCURE’s CMS, it’s the most complete CMS in the market. It can generate different reports that can help a clinic’s decision-makers compose the best decisions just by glancing at the said reports.

Are you interested to get a Clinic Management System for your Skin Clinic, but you just don’t know where to start? You can start with MYCURE. Check out how their system works by watching this video.

P.S. You can check out the CMS through a FREE product demo with one of their product specialists. Book your demo today and see the system work in real-time.