Digitizing your paper records is a major and inevitable transformation for your clinic. Know that this will be a long term investment for you and your patients as well, so better make it a habit as early as now!

And for every new habit that you wish to start, you always have to prepare for it! Here’s how you can speed up your transition from paper to digital records using MYCURE Clinic Management System. Let’s begin with these 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Know where to get a good internet source

MYCURE is a cloud-based application, meaning it saves all of your files through the internet. While it can work offline, it allows you to backup all your data to the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere. You also need a connection when you create your account.

We would recommend at least 5 Mbps download and upload speed which you can check at ISP speed testing websites like www.speedtest.net. You can install a DSL connection in your clinics, or bring a pocket wifi with you.

Step #2: Choose the right platform that best fits your daily routine

You may already have existing devices like your personal smartphone or tablet, but you must also consider how your clinic operates. For example, if I have a secretary with a designated workspace inside my clinic, he/she can open MYCURE using a personal computer or a laptop; while I use a tablet inside my room. If I have more than 3 clinics that I visit in a week, it will be more convenient for me to have 1 tablet/smartphone that each of my secretaries can use.

Step #3: Prepare to import your paper records

First, login to the MYCURE web app using your laptop or personal computer (PC). Go to your medical records and then click on import patients. Download the Excel template and then input all your patient profile info. Save and then upload the file. Everything you have encoded there will be converted into patient profiles in MYCURE.

Next is to write down pertinent information about the patient. You also have the option to upload scanned copies of paper records, so the next time your patient visits, you already have an instant copy of your records anywhere you go. If you want to save on storage, you or your secretary may manually encode the chart’s critical info such as chief complaint, pertinent findings, diagnosis, medications, and care plan to their respective fields.

Step #4: KEEP GOING!

A study showed that it takes 21 days to turn an activity into a habit. And it’s perfectly NORMAL more so if you’re learning new technology! It’s like learning how to send an e-mail during the snail mail era. So when in doubt, just keep going. And ask help from us if needed!

That’s how you can speed up your transition from paper to digital records using MYCURE Clinic Management System. If you have questions, please do drop a comment or send us an email at hello@mycure.md. Thanks for reading and have a productive day ahead!