EHR & CMS - The future of Med Practice is Digital

On our last blog, we talked about how appointment booking and telehealth are changing the way doctor's are treating patients. These two are just components of a bigger transformation in the field of medicine - the shift to digital.

Electronic Health Records

It’s a digital age almost everywhere, except of doctor’s offices. Many doctor’s clinics still have walls of shelves with paper records of all of their patients, some dating back years. This sometimes makes finding the full medical history of a patient a difficult task. Paper files are prone to all sorts of problem – they’re bulky, they can be difficult to find, and if a record gets misplaced, chances are you will never find them again.

Electronic health records makes all of these easier. Patient records are indexed, sorted, and categorized. A full medical record of any patient can be easily found. Lab results can also be incorporated, giving the doctor complete picture to help them make a good diagnosis.

Integrated Clinic Management

Each of these trends are great by themselves, but when join all of these together, it increases their benefits a hundredfold. Imagine a scenario where a patient books an online appointment with a new doctor of a telemedicine consult. After selecting her schedule, she then proceeds to fill-out the patient information form at home. These information are then forwarded to the doctor so that when the time comes for the consult, the doctor already has details about the patients medical history and chief complaint. After their consultation, the doctor forwards the prescription to the patient, then send an electronic billing. The patient can then pay online.

This seamless experience is possible. MYCURE offers an integrated solution with appointment booking, telehealth, electronic health records, prescription, and billing. For a limited time, we are offering a free trial on our online appointment booking. Additionally, doctors who sign-up for a trial can also get a free profile website that you can give to your patients so they can schedule their next visit with you online.

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