7 Best Apps for Workplace Productivity for 2022

What is workplace productivity? As Kenton (2021) explained, productivity in the workplace is a company’s form of measurement for its production process — “it is calculated by measuring the number of units produced relative to employee labor hours or by measuring a company's net sales relative to employee labor hours.”

Employee labor hours are one of the factors that affect the overall “productivity” in the workplace. This means that the people behind those hours are important to the overall operations of the business. Without the employees and their outputs, the company won’t be able to make any profits, just like how Hanna (2018) stated, “your business is only as good as your employees”. That’s why it’s also equally important to equip your employees with the right tools to help them fulfill their objectives and deliver quality outputs.

Here at MYCURE, our team is composed of diversely talented individuals. We highly make sure that we achieve our objectives to ensure that we fulfill our purpose. As a young start-up company in the healthcare industry, the workload and deadlines can get overwhelming at times (since we always want to give the best experience for our users). However, at the end of the day with the help of modern technology, we always overcome the hurdles that we face.

The following are the different apps, tools, and software that we highly recommend for you to utilize in 2022.


When the Covid-19 pandemic started everyone had to stay home. Different companies were forced to suddenly go online (digital) or risk closure. For the companies that were able to go shift their workflows online, they had to find the best way to keep track of their projects, objectives, and employees’ outputs.

Airtable has helped our team manage and track the current progress of our projects. With this tool, you can create different bases (dashboards) per team, create their workflows, and even use different views to properly visualize the progress of their work.

Here’s a video about Airtable:


It helps a lot in scheduling our online meetings, there’s no more back and forth emailing between the team or our clients. With this tool, you can easily show when you’re available, and your invitee can only select from those time slots.

With the help of Calendly, the team’s schedule for online interviews, meetings, and product demonstrations is better and easily plotted. MYCURE’s Head of Product has been using this tool to help her reach our clients, and nurture our leads through online demonstrations and consultations.

Watch how Calendly can effortlessly help you connect with others:


Loom is a great video messaging tool that can simultaneously capture (video record) your screen, audio, and camera — you can instantly share your videos across different platforms. With Loom, you can record videos by using either their Google Chrome extension, desktop app, iOs app, or Android app.

Our team utilizes Loom to record video tutorials on how to use our application, how to troubleshoot a problem, and even record asynchronous presentations (as needed).

Watch how this Loom smoothly records video messages:


Forgetting passwords is truly inconvenient for anyone. Recalling, retrieving, and even making a new one takes a lot of time. That’s why LastPass could be a great addition to your workplace tools.

LastPass is a password manager, it keeps all of your passwords safe and secure in just one place. You can even utilize their password generator for your regular password update schedule.


Miro is a great platform for online collaboration. It makes brainstorming and breakout sessions highly interactive with its intuitive whiteboard and collaborative features. Our Creatives and Digital Marketing team use Miro for their online brainstorming sessions for their projects and campaigns. Their storyboarding and layout designing sessions are productive due to this tool.

Check out how easy you can collaborate on Miro:

If you’re you’re a healthcare professional that’s currently looking for a powerful tool that can easily boost the growth of your practice or the overall operations of your clinic — we highly recommend the most complete Clinic Management System and Telemedicine application on the market.

The Clinic Management System we built is the most complete CMS app in the market. Most clinics use systems that are meant for hospitals, and this mismatch between the commonly found HIS in the market and a clinic's specific needs actually does more harm than good. Instead of improving the productivity of the clinic staff, it can actually add more chances of mistakes along the way.

Our system is centralized and comprehensive, we made sure that a clinic doesn't have to run on multiple running systems anymore. Here's a video on how it can make a doctor's and patient's experience seamless.

MYCURE Telehealth
This specific module was built with the doctor’s overall experience in mind. Our team understood the different needs of doctors when it comes to their online practice. We made sure that when doctors use our app they will be able to: (1) properly relay important information, (2) smoothly explain a diagnosis, (3) help their patients visualize technical information/conditions, and (4) easily share medical reports and findings.

That’s why the application has the following features:

  • Audio, video, and text chat
  • Appointment scheduling
  • EMR integration
  • Various online payment options
  • Integration with physical consults
  • Patient portal for access to records

Try out the simple and sleek interface of the powerful MYCURE Telehealth here.

MYCURE For Patients iOS | Android

We built an application for patients to use. With this app, patients can check their medical records anytime and anywhere, book a consultation with their healthcare provider, and attend the online consultations using just one application.  

Bonus: If you're looking for a better way to run your clinic in an eco-friendly way, one of the many benefits from the MYCURE Clinic Management System is its paperless system.