ICYMI: Paper Waste is a Growing Problem in the Healthcare Industry

In case you missed it, last June 5, 2022 was World Environment Day.

A lot of concerned citizens had voiced their opinions and statements on how everyone should start living a life that is sustainable, how companies should manage their resources better and do their best to reduce waste, etc.

MYCURE is here to remind you about the Paper Waste problem in clinics and hospitals.

According to Wastecare Corporation, paper waste takes up the highest portion of a hospital’s overall generated waste. The paper waste includes cardboard, high-grade office paper, newspaper, and mixed paper.

How much paper waste is generated in healthcare facilities?

As stated by the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center in the US, healthcare facilities generate a whopping amount of 2 Billion pounds of paper and cardboard waste annually – that’s just in the United States.

Paper waste is a big problem that isn’t only limited to the healthcare industry, it’s an everyday problem faced by other industries. So, how much is the overall generated paper waste across the globe? 65 Million Tons.

Did the numbers scare you? It should.

If you’re a doctor or a member of a healthcare facility, you can join the movement of reducing paper waste by shifting to digital. Try out telemedicine and/or clinic management applications that can generate and share digital reports, believe it or not a paperless transaction system is possible with the present technology.

Want to join the movement but don’t know where to start?
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