5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Clinic Operations and Increase Your Revenue

Medical practitioners, clinic owners, and clinic managers face unique challenges when it comes to managing their clinic’s day-to-day operations. The following are 5 effective ways you can immediately improve your clinic operations and even increase your revenue.

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(1) Automate tasks that are time-consuming

The daily operations of a clinic don’t only encompass treating and consulting with patients. Clinics like all other establishments must keep track of varying records and ensure that the daily workflow of all their employees is smooth and efficient.

It’s easy to say that everything can be done perfectly by manual means however, that isn’t the usual scenario in clinics. Even the simplest of tasks like recording patient profiles, or the usual wrapping up of the daily billing reports can become tedious. Due to human error, the process can become a daily hassle when there are many revisions to be made within the same day.

That’s why our team highly suggests that you should start automating tasks that are time-consuming. There are different tools that you can find on the internet which could be a perfect fit for your operational needs but we recommend getting this web-based tool.

(2) Use an appointment scheduling tool

According to our observations and regular conversations with our clients, doctors would often accommodate an average count of 10 to 20 patients a day. This could sound like a walk in the park however, setting appointments manually through calls or messaging can become hectic for doctors or their secretaries. Let’s not forget that some patients go to the clinics as walk-in patients, and most doctors try to accommodate them by squeezing them into the patient queue — which can make the queueing experience confusing for patients.

If this is a regularly occurring situation for your clinic, then the best course of action to improve this situation is to find the best appointment scheduling tool.

Most clinics nowadays use an appointment scheduling tool, and it’s proven that it boosts the efficiency of clinic operations.

(3) Create Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to easily store and retrieve patient notes anytime

Every single second is important in the healthcare industry, a single second can be used to save an individual’s life. That’s why it’s a must for clinics to easily manage patient records. Creating, finding, and updating a patient’s records shouldn’t take too long. Due to the advances in technology, almost every workflow has experienced an improvement in efficiency.

Electronic Medical Records can easily improve your clinic operations and your own work productivity. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience from using the EMR of the most complete Clinic Management System in the market:

  • Accessibility
  • Improved workplace productivity
  • Accurate records
  • Safety and security of records
  • Reduced paper waste and physical storage

Find out more about the benefits of using an EMR, here.

(4) Save money by tracking expenses with a Billing System and Inventory Management System

Managing clinics involve handling finances which involves managing transactions with patients (from payment collection until the compilation of records), managing operational expenses, and creating daily accounting reports at the end of the day.

In order to save money and efficiently run your clinic operations with minimal operational expenses, it’s best for your clinic to not only have a billing system but also an inventory management system. An inventory management system can help you keep track of your supplies and merchandise for sale (if you have products for sale).

In order to successfully manage your clinic, it’s best to remember that you must also minimize your overall costs. To reduce your operational expenses to a minimum, it’s best to take a look into your inventory management.

A great inventory management system should help you easily see the following aspects as a decision-maker in your clinic:

  • The right reorder point for your stocks
  • Reducing overstocking
  • Deadstock removal
  • Decreasing supplier lead time

(5) Increase your revenue by offering online services

Medical practitioners and clinic owners aren’t only doctors that save lives, they’re also entrepreneurs of their own names. One of the qualities of a great entrepreneur is to be able to easily adapt to different situations, and create or choose the best solutions for a certain problem.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, a lot of businesses had shifted online to keep up with the market and the demands of their customers. This sudden shift to the online world isn’t unfamiliar to most medical practitioners. Almost everyone had migrated their practice online in order to accommodate their patients. Not everyone had successfully shifted to the digital world, thus some were left behind and their practice had grown slower.

Doctors who decided to accommodate patients online relied on various tools to reach them. These tools were mostly dedicated video conference apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Some doctors even relied on Viber and Telegram to keep in contact with their patients. It's great that they tried to find ways to carry on the usual consultations they give however, some experienced problems like trouble in giving out prescriptions and medical certificates. Doctors hop into different platforms or apps just to get the job done, but what if there's an app that does it all?

Our team highly recommends MYCURE Doctors — the app we built specifically for doctors. It also comes with a Telehealth platform wherein all the things you'll need to hold productive online consultations are present on just one screen.

The intuitive dashboard makes it possible to do the following things without switching apps:

  • Patient Details
  • Patient Records
  • Chatbox
  • History
  • Chief Complaint
  • HPI
  • Physical Exam
  • Diagnosis
  • Plan
  • Prescription
  • Care Plan
  • Lab Order
  • Imaging Order
  • Attachments
  • Medical Drawing
  • Medical Certificate
  • Fit to Work Certificate
  • Waiver
  • Claim Form
  • General Form
  • Billing Summary

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